Straits of the Mediterranean Seafood

Mediterranean Seafood

Straits of the Mediterranean Seafood

A wide array of seafood from all corners of the Mediterranean Sea makes an appearance in this recipes for decadent dining. Norwegian salmon, rock lobster, Kumamoto oyster and Port Lincoln black mussels. The unique flavouring of miso beancrumbs, alongside that of the citrus herb marinade serves to complement the salmon, whilst fresh, succulent oysters are presented in an aromatic rock-lobster broth. Serve with black mussels and slow-poached rock lobster medallions.

For Norwegian Salmon To make miso beancrumbs.
200 g salmon

For Miso Deancrumbs

50 g miso paste
30 g garlic, minced
20 g shallots, chopped
150 g beancrumbs, chopped
10 g sugar
palm oil for sautéing

For Citrus Herb Marinade

5 g lemon zest
5 g orange zest
5 g fresh dill, chopped
5 g fresh thyme, chopped
5 g fresh basil, cut into long strips
5 g granulated sugar
Salt and ground white pepper to taste

Sauté the minced garlic, shallots, and miso paste over moderate heat. When the garlic and shallots begin to fry, add the beancrumbs, then mix well. Season with sugar to taste.
To prepare rock lobster broth.
Bring tomatoes, leek and celery to a boil in water. Take the stock off the fire, and poach lobsters in it for 12 minutes without covering the pot. Remove lobsters from the stock and extract the muscle meat. Rinse the lobster shells out with cold water, then place them back into the stock. Simmer over low fire for an hour.
Pour the broth through a fine strainer into a bowl, then leave it to chill in the fridge until it is needed.

To prepare rock lobster medallions.
Brush poach lobster muscle with herbed oil and smoke until cooked to desired texture.
Carefully slice the meat breadthwise, then set aside.
To make green pea mousse. Blanch the green peas quickly, then blend into a paste with a blender. Sieve the paste through a strainer, then set aside. Meanwhile, bring the milk to boil over moderate heat. Whisk the pea mousse into the milk until the required consistency is achieved. Place the mousse in the fridge to chill until it is ready for use.

For Rock Lobster

To prepare black mussels.
Mira-poix for Rock Lobster
2 nos rock lobster (800 g)
1200 ml water
2 whole peeled onion
120 g leak
60 g celery
60 g tomatoes, halved
5 g white peppercorns, whole

For Smoked Kumamoto Oysters

10 nos smoked Kumamoto oysters

Sauté the mire-poix with the muscle over heat. Add in the verjus, then cover the pan with its lid and remove from the stove immediately. This allows for the muscles to cook in the steam that is trapped within the pan, about 5 minutes.
When mussels are done, remove the meat from their shells. Leave the meat in the mira-poix stock; this allows the meat to soak up more flavour. Season the mussels with a pinch of salt and some ground white pepper, then leave to chill in the fridge before plating.
For Green Pea Mousse To assemble.
500 g green peas
300 ml fresh milk
5 g galatine leaves
Salt and ground white pepper to taste

For Celeriac Mousse

500 g celeriac
150 ml fresh milk
5 g gelatine leaves
Salt and ground white pepper to taste

For Bonston Bay Port Lincoln Black Mussels

Mire-poix for Black Mussel
10 nos x 15 g each black mussels
5 g celery
5 g leek
5 g onion
2 ml verjus

For Mesclun

12.5 g baby rocket
12.5 g yellow endives
12.5 g sweet chard
12.5 g frissee

Carefully slice the salmonblock to form ten uniform pieces. Rub lemon zest, orange zest, dill, thyme, basil, sugar, salt, and pepper into one side of each piece to marineade. Sear the other side of each piece with miso beancrumbs.
Pour the chilled lobster broth into shot glasses, then set the mousse over the surfaces. Carefully pull the fresh oysters open and place them gently atop the mousse. Garnish with caviar.
Arrange the lobster medallions and mussels so that they are aligned with the shot glass oysters and salmon cuts. Serve immediately with lightly-tossed mesclun and appropriate garnishings.
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