Wild Asia’s Training Workshop – Biodiversity for Busy Managers

Wild Asia is a social enterprise working to promote concepts of sustainability throughglobal standards, raising awareness, promoting education and developing practicalimplementation models. Wild Asia has worked exclusively in Asia and has built up a wideexperience base in dealing with the complexities and challenges of promotingsustainability in this part of the world. Wild Asia has experience in forestry, tourism, and agriculture sectors.

Wild Asia has been pioneering independent assessments since 2003, using globally accepted principles and criteria for plantation companies in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Indonesia, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea.

Wild Asia’s specialization today remains focused on conducting conservation assessments, conceptualizing strategic management plans, providing advisory services on biodiversity assessments and implementation of innovative biodiversity-enhancing initiatives in production landscapes.

This workshop provides land managers with practical training on biodiversity protection and enhancement within the context of plantation landscapes. Participants will gain a grounding in the key biodiversity issues relevant to the industry, with reference to the ecological, legal and management aspects, as well as opportunities to learn about and assess a variety of biodiversity initiatives from plantations in the region. Biodiversity for Busy Managers equips participants with the understanding and tools they need to incorporate biodiversity into the management of their operations.

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